How to Run Selenium WebDriver with Chrome Browser

Chrome browser


As we have already seen the implementation of Internet Explorer and Firefox Browser. Let’s start exploring the chrome browser execution.  To invoke the Chrome browser we need to install a ChromeDriver.exe   During runtime the ChromeDriver.exe will make a call to the server and starts the server. Test Scripts will start communicating to the server for execution.

How to install Chrome Driver in system?

To work with the Chrome Driver, we need to download the chrome Driver latest version from  here. Identify the latest version of the Chrome Driver and follow the link.

Directly you can go to this link and download the chrome Driver which is in Zip format. Before downloading make sure that you are checking your system processor and download the relevant one. After download, extract the zip file downloaded which contains the chrome driver and place them in an particular location in your system.

How to launch the Chrome Browser?

To launch the chrome Browser we need to

  1. Call or invoke the Chrome driver exe file from the location as below.
  2. You need to set the System property path with the location where your chromeDriver.exe is available
  3. Now the chrome browser will be available, hence we can instantiate the ChromeDriver class.




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